What Arabic Scholars, Teachers & Students Say about the Quranic Linguistics Series

Qazi is “.. an accomplished Arabic grammarian and author of some exceptional works in grammar and morphology ..”
Hamza Yusuf, President, Zaytuna College
Berkeley, California, USA
This is an excellent source for the student of Arabic grammar. The order of the exercises prepares students well for approaching the Qur'an, and I've never seen such an expansive list of Qur'anic excerpts for each specific grammatical concept."
Tammam Alwan, Qurʾānic Arabic Educator
at Crescent Academy International, Michigan, USA
The [Quranic Arabic] series combines abundant material with clear and easy presentation; it combines excellent ordering [of the chapters] with accuracy in expression; it combines plentiful quotations [from the Quran & Hadeeth] with excellent choice so that the beginners benefit from it, [while] the advanced students cannot do without it.
Dr Ayman al-Shawwa, Professor of Arabic, College of
Letters, College of Sharia; University of Damascus, Syria
As a student of QL, it made the very complex concepts of the Arabic language very accessible to me. And now as a teacher of QL, it makes passing that gift on to others very easy. It's definitely one of the best Arabic curricula we have in the country. There's no doubt in my mind about that. Walhamdu lillah!
Ashir Kirk, Quranic Arabic & Islamic Studies Teacher,
Assistant Imam, Memphis, Tennessee
"This is a fantastic initiative. May Allah (SWT) bless you and this project."
Ustadh Fahim Qazi is truly one of the best grammarians of Arabic with whom I've had the the honor of studying. I had attended many Arabic learning programs before I studied Arabic with Ustadh Fahim in the summers of 2010 and 2011, yet I had never before found Arabic grammar as rich, engaging, and thought-stimulating as I did studying with Ustadh Fahim. Ustadh Fahim has a unique way of teaching Arabic morphology and grammar in a way that is logical, comprehensive and painstakingly precise. Those summers sparked within me a passion for Arabic grammar that continues to inform my studies until this day. I highly recommend taking courses with Quranic Linguistics Institute.
Dr. Hadia Mubarak, PhD Arabic
& Islamic Studies, Georgetown University, USA
The structure design and method of The Quranic Linguistics Series is exceptionally effective based on the sequencing of the grammatical concepts and the repetitive written exercises which facilitates effective internalization of the concepts and their application. It is quite evident that your passion for teaching grammar has given you the art, science, and skill of teaching in a precise, fun, and engaging style . As a student, I look forward to each lesson as I aspire to learn the language of the most sacred book.

I have taken other online Qur'anic Grammar/ Classical Arabic courses which were excellent in content and substance. These courses have given me the foundation to fully appreciate your Qur'anic Linguistics Series. I graduated from UCLA with a Master's in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Learning and Instruction. I must say that the methodology that the Qur'anic Linguistics Series is predicated on is exceptionally effective in teaching the complexities and nuances of Classical Arabic
Michael Chennault, M.A. Educational Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
"Wow, this was a great lesson. subhanAllah made it really for me to understand, can't wait for the next lesson insha'Allah."
This series is great, simple and clear. Although I studied Arabic in school in Syria and in university in Saudi Arabia as part of sharia curriculum but never had it that clear and simple. May Allah bless you and bless everyone put an effort in it
Ustadaha Raghad Bushnaq
Resident Instructor, Fawakih Institute
The Quranic Linguistics curriculum provides students with simple yet highly effective instruction in Arabic grammar and morphology. Its innovative methods make complicated concepts easy to understand and make vocabulary acquisition easier for beginners by teaching morphology at an early stage. Students walk away with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the language of the Quran.
Meryum Kazmi
Quranic Linguistics TeacherFawakih Institute
"I am grateful for this free introduction to better understand the meaning of the Quran."
"Very informative and enjoyable looking forward to the next lesson inshaa Allah."
Nadeema Salie
"Jazakallah for making it very simple to learn."
Shamim Lat
"Alhamdulilahi for getting to know the existence of this great solution to my learning the Quran."
Saleh Jibrin
"Jazak Allahu khairan - Amazingly easy to learn Arabic - Rabbi zidni Ilma."
Mujahedulla Khan
Quranic Linguistics is in a league of its own. Level 1 comprises the most comprehensive study of sarf [morphology]I have ever seen in one book. This brings the seemingly impossible task of vocabulary acquisition well within reach and makes the student excited about studying the Quran. The study of nahw [grammar] is undertaken in great detail in level 2, whose indexes alone are priceless collections of information a student would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Before Quranic Linguistics, I thought I hated Arabic grammar; now, I love it. The organization of the language is made clear and beautiful. The author has used his experience learning and teaching Arabic to design a curriculum that takes a student step by step in a logical progression, with extensive practice applying the concepts to Quranic verses. The books are thorough in content, yet designed to be adaptable for different teaching styles. For the time he has spent extensively researching the concepts handed to us in a digestible format in these books, all students and teachers of Arabic are indebted to the author, his family, and his teachers.
Autumn Allen, Quranic Linguistics Teacher
BA Literature, Yale University; M.Ed Harvard University

Learning Quranic Linguistics is a three-step process. The first step, learning Arabic morphology, is like planting seeds into the ground. The second step, learning Arabic grammar, is like watering the tree until its branches are fully developed. The third step, learning Arabic rhetoric, is the sweet fruit!