Ustadh Fahimuddin Qazi spent ten years in Damascus, Syria (2002-2012) specializing in Quranic Arabic and Islamic studies. In Syria, he authoried the widely acclaimed multi-volume Quranic Linguistics series which was endorsed by Dr Ayman al-Shawwa of University of Damascus in 2010. Many scholars and teachers around the world have endorsed Ustadh Qazi’s Quranic Linguistics curriculum.

Published content by Ustadh F Qazi:

Ustadh Qazi has lectured in Arabic and Islamic studies throughout the USA and Syria. He currently teaches Quranic Linguistics online via the Quran Academy. Ustadh Qazi trains and certified Arabic teachers. His books have been taught privately as well as at educational institutes in the USA, UK, Australia and the Middle East.

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Scholarly Endorsements of Quranic Linguistics Curriculum

The following scholars and teachers have endorsed Ustadh Qazi and/or Quranic Linguistics curriculum:

  • Dr Ayman al-Shawwa, Professor of Arabic, College of Letters, College of Sharia; University of Damascus, Syria.
  • Dr Hadia Mubarak, PhD Arabic & Islamic Studies, Georgetown University, USA. Professor/lecturer of Islamic studies and gender studies at Georgetown University, University of North Carolina, and Guilford Colleges.
  • Michael Chennault, M.A. Educational Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Hamza Yusuf, President, Zaytuna College, Berkeley, California, USA.
  • Autumn Allen, Quranic Linguistics Teacher, BA Literature, Yale University; M. Ed. Harvard University.
  • Tammam Alwan, Qurʾānic Arabic Educator at Crescent Academy International, Michigan, USA.
  • Adrian Ashir Kirk, Quranic Arabic & Islamic Studies Teacher, Midtown Mosque, Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Meryum Kazmi, Arabic teacher, Fawakih Institute.
  • Yusuf Mullick, Arabic lecturer, University of San Francisco & Zaytuna College, Berkeley, California, USA.
  • Dr. Malak Bokhari, Arabic Teacher, MD/Retired surgeon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. MA Public Health, University of Pittsburgh. MD, Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Ireland.

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